Adoption vs. Pregnancy

I was reading in some posts today from our agency, AWAA, about the frustration felt by parents who are adopting when speaking with friends and family about the “paper pregnancy.” j and I have been blessed with several friends and family members who immediately responded with excitement when we told them our plans to adopt from Ethiopia.

We too, can relate to the blank stares given and the lack of enthusiasm shown when we tell our happy news of our new addition to our family. We know the happiness of bringing a beautiful child into this world and experienced first hand the joy that it brings friends and family. However, now that there is no “belly” to see growing larger every month, we can identify with those who have been met with a less than joyful response over the hope of bringing home a new child from somewhere else. I am sure that in the past I may have been one that gave a blank stare at someone else; if for no other reason than just plain not understanding all the emotions and pain and WORK that goes into an adoption.

As I was reflecting on our friends and the support we have been getting from our sisters and brothers in Christ, one dear friend came to the surface who understood our pain and stood up behind us in support. Today for the first time I realized that she revived Hope in us at a time when we were floundering on the sea of uncertainty. We had gone through some domestic adoption opportunities that we did not even seek out. The Lord had dropped them in our lap and since we did not have a clear goal, we tried to walk through the doors that we felt God was opening. We learned much and drew close to the Lord through each roller coaster experience. Still now we don’t know why God had us go through those times, but we are content in knowing it was for His glory and our ultimate good.

Somewhere during this time, a friend gave me a belated Christmas gift. She had knitted me a pair of slippers. To my surprise when I opened them, out fell a little pair of matching baby booties. A heartfelt letter was included and as my husband and I read it together we weeped knowing the love that had looked past all the disappointments, and on to the Hope of the future.

A couple months later, the Lord laid Ethiopia specifically on our hearts and now I look at those little booties and know that there is a child out there who will wear them, soon! It is wonderful to have a glimmer shine through all those blank stares and unenthusiastic responses. Our God knows when we need it most!

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