Christmas 2007

We enjoyed a wonderful Christmas in New York visiting j’s family. Unfortunately, our son, c had a cold that he shared with papa and mmom (stands for magic mom) . So it ended up being a time of mainly recovering and just sitting around. For Christmas every year j’s Mom, makes gingerbread men. She decorates them and puts one in each of our stockings. This year I was so surprised when I looked in my stocking and saw two gingerbread men! One of them had a heart and question mark on it. j also had two, another little man with a heart and question mark on it. I of course, was brought to tears.

My dear sister-in-law and mmom have consistently remembered that we are “expecting”. In their own ways they remembered our children in Ethiopia this Christmas season. sis-in-law gave us two children books with multi-racial characters and mmom gave us “There is No Me Without You” and two multi-racial children’s books (plus the gingerbread men!). In an earlier post several months ago I wrote how sad it can be at times when people who you love or are close to don’t even remember that you are expecting a new arrival in the family. I know it is hard for them because they don’t see the evidence of this happening and when you have no name or picture it is hard to relate. I am so happy that some have remembered to celebrate our coming children.

I was also excited to find the GAP (RED) onesies with the word “Treasu(red)” and the continent of Africa. Several months ago when I found out about the product I called our local store and was told it was last year’s product and they had no more. The day after Christmas I was at the mall in NY and was so surprised to walk by a children’s display of the (RED)  line and see some “Treasu(red)” onesies left; plus they were on SALE! I took a gamble and bought a 3-6 month one and a 18-24 month one. I am so excited to have our children wear them!!  It was a nice little reminder from the Lord that He does care about little details.

Also while in New York we had a fun little game where j’s Dad, had saved all his change throughout the year in a jar. We each gave a guess and then sat and counted it all out and rolled the change. In the end, j won because his guess was the closest to the total. So we were able to get some extra money. I’d like to think it would go to the adoption, but I think we’ll have to use it for gas since we’ve done a good bit of traveling over the Christmas holiday!

Our Christmas holiday was extended as we decided to drive up to Maine to see my family. We were sitting at the table in NY several hours before we had to leave to go back to South Carolina and the idea was hatched to come to Maine. My dear husband was in favor and so off we went! Now we are enjoying the snow in Maine.

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