Beginning a New Year

j and I have had such a wonderful time here in Maine. It was so refreshing to spend part of the last day of 2007 down by the ocean where I spent hours and hours growing up. It seems some of life’s most memorable moments have taken place for me on the rocks of Down-East Maine.

Growing up as a family we would take Sunday afternoon walks to the ocean where we’d pick up “treasures” that I still have today in my home in South Carolina. The night before I left for college to Florida I saw my first ever shooting stars lying on the rocks with my friends. j first told me that he loved me while we were sitting looking at the boats in the harbor (even though it took a couple years for me to feel the same towards him)! The night before our wedding several years later he gave me a pearl necklace and earrings to wear on our wedding day in the same spot. Our son, C, has spent his short time here in Maine throwing rocks in the ocean with Grandpa and Grandma. Yes, Maine holds a special place in my heart. But enough of the sappy memories that only mean much to me and those involved! :)

During our unplanned trip to Maine this Christmas we have been blessed to have an amazing amount of snow! We were hoping for some snow while up north and when we didn’t get enough in New York we just had to come to Maine! We have gotten over a foot since we have been here the last few days. There is nothing like watching the snow drift from the sky and sit cozy by the fireplace!

As we’ve started the new year, I can’t help but think of all the year holds. We look forward to coming home with our children from Ethiopia. Next time we’re up here, we’ll be a family of five, Lord-willing! It makes me hope that I’ll be diligent to keep some sort of journal for our children. There is much more to learn about the country of Ethiopia and much more to prepare (like getting lots of shots to travel!). I am praying we’ll meet more families who are adopting from Ethiopia and that we’ll be able to expand our mainly all-white group of friends and community.

I have been reading “I’m Chocolate, You’re Vanilla” and may post a summary of what I’ve gleaned from it in the future. I’m also looking forward to reading “There is No Me Without You”.

At times when I realize the magnitude of what we are about to do my heart jumps up into my throat and I can become overwhelmed. When I am not focusing on the fact that the Lord has clearly led us to this decision and that He’ll work out all the details I can begin to sink into the stormy waves like Peter did thousands of years ago. Father, help me to fix my eyes on Jesus!

I can get lost in my thoughts wondering how our families will react when we are all together or how people will look at us when we walk down the street in SC. Or what sort of comments we’ll get from people. I can picture our children realizing the vast difference between us in skin tone and wonder if they’ll feel alone. I pray and trust that God knows all these little details that will come up and that He’ll help us to know how to react and what to say…or not say. Isn’t it wonderful that we don’t know what the future holds in every circumstance! We’d be so worried about all those little and not so little trials we wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves! I am glad that He’ll give the strength one step at a time!

And so with that thought, we’ll step into this New Year…

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