The Greatness of God

Last night I was lying in bed after reading this blog from some missionaries living in Haiti and my mind began to wander. I was reflecting on some of the images and stories this family has shared with us and the dreadful turmoil this little country is currently in. Then I began thinking of other little countries around the globe that have their own drama going on. From terrorism to wars and famine, the list continues. Yet, God above is intimately aware of each person’s suffering on this planet of ours and He has NO BREAK from the constant pain.

How Great is our God! I live my own life, safe in my warm home and my current drama is three fighting kids or a certain little one who randomly wets his pants, or keeping a five year old focused enough to teach him to read. I get breaks…nap time or bed time and I still get so frustrated. I am awed by my Savior who doesn’t throw in the towel and let the world spin completely out of control as He deals with all the hurt, angry, sinful, pain-filled human race.

Some of you know the blog, A Holy Experience, which I like to follow. Recently she did a post about snowflakes and the wonder of the greatness of God…I think I had an “Ann moment” last night :) , only I can’t articulate it like she can!

May we each be awed by our God and all the tiny details He is sovereign over.

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  1. Holly Lohnes
    Apr 24, 2010

    Amen, sista!

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