Thoughts on the Kiddos

We have wrapped up a year and a half since e and little h joined our family! They truely bring much to our little family, lots of joys and smiles. Little h has the biggest smile and tends to be a happy toddler. She is now speaking very well (for a toddler!) and tries to interact verbally as much as she can. We’ve been working on things like puzzles, which she loves and coloring. Little h seems to enjoy singing and music like her older brother, e. She is not as interested in outdoor activities unless it involves her sandbox!
E has the most handsome smile and it lights up his whole face. His eyes brighten up so much when he is laughing and smiling. I think we still have some communication issues with things we tend to take for granted him knowing. When he came he caught on so quickly to english that I think we forget there is much he still doesn’t know. Just now he will ask us the meaning of a word we use if he doesn’t understand the meaning. He speaks of Ethiopia quite often at times, although I feel most of his talk comes from listening to his older brother talk about the adoption. He seems curious at times about his life before he came into our family, but I feel like he doesn’t really remember much of it at all. For sure he has forgotten Ahmaric. When we come across Ethiopians and they speak to him he thinks they are speaking “gibberish”. There was apparently trauma with dogs or dog like animals because for much of our last year and a half he has been greatly scared of them. It has only been a recent occurance that he is calm around them if he has been prepped to being near them beforehand. E loves to ride his bike and play legos or make forts out of cusions with his siblings.
C is now learning to be big brother and he takes on the role quite well. In fact, he loves to give orders to his siblings to prove his seniority! He loves the outdoors and could spend loads of time looking for bugs or working on gardens or any outdoor projects. He also loves legos and building things. Just now he is starting to enjoy coloring and drawing.
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  1. David Lohnes
    Sep 10, 2010

    Completely perfect kids smiles in that second photo. I swear you must have cheated.

  2. Debi
    Sep 11, 2010

    Thanks for taking the time to update! What a blessing to watch and pray for your beautiful family. The kids are growing up so fast and are so precious.
    Love and hugs and prayers,

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