We’ve been learning about Ancient Egypt! In our second week of homeschooling we made cartouches. A cartouche is a kind of nameplate that is made up of heiroglyphic symbols. My original idea was from this site but alas, I would have been in way over my head with a five yr. old, four yr. old and two yr. old! Maybe the next time we come around to the Ancients we can tackle those ones. So I made up an idea on my own using a name translator found on this website. Simply type in the name you would like translated into hyroglyphics and print it out. Next I cut out ovals from cardstock and had the kids cover them with tissue paper. Using the printout of their names I drew the symbols on construction paper and had the boys cut out their own. (This was a bit tricky for them, but I was surprised how well they cut the small pieces.) They colored them as needed and then glued them onto the nameplate.

C and e also made a pyramid out of legos with Daddy. I think even little h joined along. We have had fun spotting pyramids all around (or at least pyramid shaped things!)
I’ve been enjoying this study on Ancient Egypt and have been trying to do as many hands-on projects as I can handle with little ones. I love how their cartouches came out and would like to know if you try one too!


  1. Addy
    Sep 14, 2010

    Love it!!!!!

    By the way, H looks like SUCH a big kid these days!!!!!

  2. MMOM
    Sep 22, 2010

    The kids are blessed to have such creative parents to teach them. Now I know what a cartouche is, too!

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