Color Wheel Fun and some Texture too

For weeks four and five we covered the color wheel and texture. I wasn’t too ambitious with projects as there was too much going on in other areas…but we did somehow manage to mix up our primary colors to make the secondary colors. The boys loved this, what kid doesn’t like to have free reign to mix up paint? :) I just saw an idea for making a project for the color wheel here…but instead I am modifying it for our Value lesson.

It is always exciting when a child connects something they learn in school outside of school. The Museum and Gallery here in downtown Greenville offers a “Homeschool Fridays” monthly event. It is just $3 a child for two hours of learning about artists and art. They even get to do a little project! It is such a wonderful program! This past month we learned about 6 modern artists and c turned around and beamed at me when he learned that Roy Lichtenstein painted with mainly the primary colors!

Texture is a little harder to draw. We spent a lot of time looking and feeling various textures around the house, then we sat down on the couch with A Child’s Book of Art and looked at paintings with texture. When it came time to fill up our paper with texture it was a bit tricky. But I think the point was made.

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  1. apryl
    Oct 5, 2010

    I love the way these color wheels turned out! I keep meaning to do this with my littles, as I did it years ago with Everett. Thank you so much for updating me with your blog addy the other day! I’ve missed ‘seeing’ you :)

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