Life Science

I have been following The Well-Trained Mind suggestion for science by studying life science with c and e. Last year I had hopes of doing this…but those hopes were quickly snuffed out once I realized adding science would be TOO much for my 4-5 yr. old! It is laughable now when I look back on my plans for last year and how I quickly realized that math and phonics was just enough for c. It was a year of transitions, especially as e and little h joined our family and we settled into a new life.

Our plan for this year is working out and I think both c and e like science a lot. We’re studying approximatley 20 weeks of animals, 10 weeks on the body and in the spring, the plant kingdom. For a text I am using The Kingfisher First Animal Encyclopedia and e.encyclopedia animal, a DK book. Sometimes I look up things on National Geographic’s website, other times we watch a YouTube video on a particular animal. Then I have both c and e narrate to me facts they learned. I write them down and then we draw the animal together for an illustration. It has been a fun experience! It is very laid back and simple, which is what we need this year.

In the years to come I have my eyes on Apologia Science…I think it will be great fun to learn about the solar system! All in good time though.


  1. Amy
    Oct 8, 2010

    I have done both programs and enjoyed them both. You have discovered one of the secrets to homeschooling – rework plans that are not working and often we plan more then is possible to complete! :) I have many times laughed at myself looking back – a great skill for moms.


  2. Holly
    Nov 19, 2010

    I love the pictures here, and love that you are able to reap some benefits of being able to be flexible in your planning. You are doing a great job, H. Keep on keeping on!
    Much love,

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