Do You Letterbox?

Monday we had a neat opportunity to go letterboxing with a home school group. I had heard about letterboxing a couple years ago from a magazine article and thought it sounded like great fun. Basically it is a scavenger hunt. All across the nation, and even in other countries, people have hidden waterproof boxes in urban and natural settings. In each box is at least a notebook and stamp. Many people carve their own stamps so it adds some art and personality to each hunt. There are websites that post clues to finding each box. Some apparently are only known by word of mouth. (There are people who REALLY get into this hobby!) Sometimes the clues are straightforward, other times they are a bit tricky to follow. For example, on our first try we did not find the box where it seemed like it should be. Only after we had gone further along the trail in search of another box did we actually find our first box! We just hadn’t followed the trail far enough. (We also never found our first clue which was supposed to be MH + JP ;) )

c LOVED this activity. I think it is better geared to 5 or 6 and up, although little h also enjoyed the activity. We did our first letterboxing at a local state park where apparently there are several hidden. Our little group, made up of younger children, found four total boxes. We carried our own notebook, stamp and stamp pad. Once we found a box, we stamped our stamp in the notebook hidden inside the box. It was fun to look at all the stamps in the notebook and read where they were from. We then stamped the stamp from the box in our notebook. Each of the stamps we found were hand carved out of erasers.

We are excited to do this activity again in the future. Plus when we travel to other parts of the country we can look up on various websites to see if there are boxes to be found along the way!


  1. MMOM
    Oct 21, 2010

    How do you waterproof the boxes? Would there be a website for my area? This sounds like something I would LOVE to try! I will have to talk to the art teachers here about carving a stamp.

    • H
      Oct 21, 2010

      Actually you can use small plastic, tupperware type boxes.

  2. Ann Voskamp
    Oct 28, 2010

    This is all new to me — but I know some kids who might love this! *Thank you* :)

  3. Apryl
    Dec 7, 2010

    I discovered Letterboxing this summer. SO FUN! The kids and I went on several hunts around here and had a blast. I actually just used an “H” stamp that we had because on our first trip out I didn’t know how we’d do. Kept meaning to carve a stamp…

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