Cob Oven Cultivating Community

T article from the New York Times sat on the computer screen for several days. I knew what was in our future. These are the sort of things dear j loves to experiement with; I am (generally) happy to follow along. This little experienent has consumed much of the weeks in the months of October and November and I am sure we are wiser for it.

The site was chosen, a friends house…although I am sure our backyard will soon be graced with a similiar beehive shaped fire breathing oven. The first test oven was built mainly without our assistance, but we were able to eat much from that first little cob. Cookies, breads, venison, pizzas and the most delicious plum crisp my mouth has ever savored. I know something magical happened to that crisp as it cooked away in the clay dome.

So a greater, more spectacular oven was quickly planned and built. A great feast was planned and with it, the hopes to cultivate community amongst many folk of different walks in life. This is how it once was done…a community fire with people gathered around to cook their meager meals and to warm their bodies. I felt like we were coming back to the basics of it all.

The feast did not go entirely as planned. If your interest is piqued read on. Yet for sure, one thing did successfully happen. Community. In such a beautiful way. The various small meals made by families shared as they came steaming out of the oven. The laughter and fellowship which can only happen if we get out of our usual routine, be willing to take risks, and gather together for a common good.

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