Grace in Those I Serve…

Only the humble can identify evidences of grace in ones who are in need of ‘adjustment’ ” (CJ Mahaney). The Lord used these words to truely humble my heart, to bring me to my knees as I thought of my service to my children. How often do I look for evidences of God’s grace in the lives of my little ones? It is so easy for me to look past the beam in my eye and to only see the areas of weakness in my children’s behavior and actions. To forget that I have the Spirit in me who helps and aids me on this slow crawl to sanctification…and to expect these little ones ,who as of yet, have not His presence within them, guiding them, chastening them.

So I was rebuked, stopped dead in my tracks.

Recently a friend and I giggled in an aisle of Target as we joked about how all those pretty journals and notebooks draw us in. I was drawn in that day, and purchased three little books. I longed to work on my relationship with my kids…to really learn how to talk with them and know them in a deeper way. Perhaps these little books would be a tool in that area I supposed… how easy it is to talk oneself into a purchase!

Fastforward to that afternoon of quite in the house, when all three are sleeping or looking quietly at books while I catch my sanity…a need to purposefully notice those evidences of grace in my little ones. Yes! That will be my first undertaking for these little journals.

*big brother asking and wanting little brother to sit next to him

*little h handing out candy from her bag to other trick or treaters when the candy was gone

*e wanting to pray for Daddy when he was sick

*boys willingly helping to carry in firewood

Oh may the Lord give me open eyes to see those evidences of grace in the lives of all who I serve.

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  1. MMOM
    Nov 21, 2010

    If only I had done that when your husband was little. Maybe I can do this as I watch my precious grands grow up, focusing on all those “Jewels from J” as I used to call them. Precious times. You are a great mommy.

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