February 14th

For Valentines Day 2011 we’ve been visited by chicken pox! Currently, just c has them and I must say they appear to be a mild case. We have two more kids to go…but so far they have been a breeze! Ha. We’ll see what the future holds, I may regret saying that!  The hardest part is being “banned” from public and friends. I think we’ll stay in for the next two weeks just to be safe since the incubation period is soooo long.

But the chicken pox didn’t spoil our Valentines Day. The kids made cards for each other and for Daddy. Poor Daddy isn’t feeling well himself  so he didn’t organize the kids into card making for Mommy. :) The highlight of the day for the kids was Mommy making a rare, and I mean rare, batch of sugar cookies, complete with frosting and some cinnamon hearts. Chocolate Chip cookies or any other “drop” cookies I’ll do. But rolling out dough, cutting, frosting, decorating…phew!

So, any good sugar cookie recipes out there? I have tried two…one this year and one last year. I wasn’t fond of this year’s recipe. Last year I got one from Southern Living and I can’t remember what they tasted like. I know the cover made them look yummy!  Just wondering;  I’d like to be ready with a new recipe by the time next Valentines Day comes around!

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  1. Addy
    Feb 16, 2011

    I use mom’s Christmas butter cookie recipe for our cut-outs.

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