Ancient Greek Pottery-Our Way

For the last couple weeks we have returned to the Ancient Greeks. I LOVE studying the ancients. I just got some books out of the libray (thank goodness for free books!) on Alexander the Great and I was tempted to sit down right then and there to read them. But he is coming up this week, so I resisted. Homeschooling has been more of a learning experience for me rather than the kids I think. I’m learning math right along with my first grader- ;)  (actually not totally all true, but he is learning a TOTALLY different approach to mathematics that I never learned and in turn, it is helping my mental math skills!)

I digress…so this week we did a fun art project based on Greek Pottery. I think they pictured every aspect of their life on their pots. There is so much to learn about their daily life just by looking at their pottery. So we spent some time practicing our drawings on paper and then I drew some pot shapes on bristol board and they cut them out. Next we drew with orange crayons, it is important to color in completely and heavily. The last step was to paint over the crayon. I watered down some black tempra and it worked wonderfully. The wax in the crayons resists the paint. The kids loved it and I think they did a great job!

By the way, c did a picture of people beating olives out of the olive trees and then putting them into baskets. e tried his hand at a boat, and little  h, well, she just had fun!

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  1. MMOM
    Mar 7, 2011

    Really cool. When I first saw the pix, I thought they were glass! I hope you can keep these forever. Cool stuff! xoxoxoxo

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