Hugging Lion-Who Knew?

So this week e and little h are learning about the letter “L”. I picked up this book at the library (which I frequent quite heavily these days) named Christian, the Hugging Lion . I didn’t think much of it; in fact, judging the cover, I thought it would fall into the “silly book category”.

This afternoon before quiet time we sat down to read it and c became absorbed quickly. He happens to love animals and gets quite attached to such things as spiders and lizards and worms and such. After the final page there was a note to say that the story was a true story. As soon as I closed the book, thinking what a sweet ending it had, c burst into tears. Big crocodile tears gushing down his face. He was quite sad that Ace and John gave up Christian, the lion. So sad, it made me get teary eyed!

So that prompted me to look online and sure enough, there are lots of videos about this famous, hugging lion. Who knew? You really do learn something new everyday!

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  1. MMOM
    Mar 7, 2011

    What a touching story of C! I think he is just like his Daddy (and his Gramma, for that matter). Loved the posted video, but really got scared when Christian came to the men, and then his WIFE showed up! Scary! I would not recommend doing that, but so glad it all worked out. Sad that he probably died already, but what a nice life he had! This is a blessing! Thanks for posting!

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