It is a Worm Poop Kinda Day

Here in our little neck of the woods worm poop has been a hot topic. And it needs to be if we’re gonna turn this red clay soil into something that will be a thriving place for our summer food. Our stomachs are depending on it afterall!

We’ve got some beautiful places popping up here and there in our yard. I got this library book out and while we didn’t use any of the garden ideas in it, it sparked some creativity in j’s garden planning. If you have some space and some children you want to introduce to gardening, this book may be a nice addition to your library.

What are those poky green stalks you ask? Oh, that is is our brocolli. Before the squirrells got ahold of it. Who knew. I guess we need to plant some oak trees while we are at it…

The kids have been helping j make this spot and they have been loving it. We switched from animals to plants in science just as we started planting our seeds indoors.

I can’t get enough of little h’s backwards shoes. It won’t be long till she’ll get it right everytime. I resisted the urge to correct her because it is just so darn cute! And the tongue?  I couldn’t resist that either.

Our little outdoorsman finds great joy in the simple things-”the tag garden” is one of his newest.

If you’re in the area-give a shout out and we’ll hook you up with some worm poop. Just what you wanted, right? :)

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  1. MMOM
    Mar 12, 2011

    Love the new look of your site…getting used to it….love the pix of the new garden, H’s shoes and tongue, E’s lovely longer hair, and of course, C, smack dab in the middle of weeds and grass. Love it! (Not sure about the worm poop, tho….) xooxxooxxo

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