Little h turns three!

Little h has been so excited for her birthday. She’s been talking about it for months now and it has finally come (and gone since I am, oh, about a month late in posting! :) Luckily, I can post-date on this here blog!).

We had a low-key day with just family. I’m so glad the cousins can grow up together-even though you would think we would see each other more often since we live in the same area. Funny how that happens! But I digress.

She had her yummy espresso. The kids wait all year for their birthdays and the privalege of having their very own coffee!

She had her gifts and her chocolate cupcakes which she knew for certain she wanted. This girl is serious about her chocolate. If given a choice between chocolate and any other thing, she would most definitely choose chocolate. A girl after my own heart!

Little h is most of all a jolly girl. She makes laughter wherever she goes. I pray she’ll keep her big smile and big laugh. Having a little girl has been such a sweet gift from the Lord.



  1. Dad
    Jun 23, 2011

    Girls are SPECIAL! Love; Grandpa/Dad

  2. Penelope
    Jul 8, 2011

    Happy 3rd Birthday, Beautiful Girl!

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