We’ve Been Matched!

Recently we let you all (since we have SUCH a huge fan base!)  know that we have decided to pursue another adoption. Our home study was SO easy to do the second time around, for which we were grateful. Basically we had to add e and little h and bump all the dates up by four years. Easy.

Back in May we got a phone call about a baby to be born up in New York in 2 hours!! Basically we would have had to get in the car and drive on up there plus have a significant amount of cash liquid to wire. The Lord gave us an easy answer of No! since we couldn’t possibly have that amount of money liquid immediately. I am so glad we didn’t have to wrestle over a decision and just knew we were not the parents-to-be of this child.

We waited for SOOOO many months with our international adoption to Ethiopia for e and little h that the waiting part wasn’t particularly bad. Perhaps going through a 2 year international adoption taught us well that God truly has picked the children that He has for our family. That lesson is ingrained in my mind, although with this domestic adoption I am being tested in many other ways! I hope to write of some of them in the future.

On June 29th we got a phone call in the evening about a birth mother across the country from us who would be due in October. We had a small amount of background information given to us and then we spent a bit of time in prayer. Our shepherding group from church was with us ironically enough and they gathered around us and prayed for wisdom and guidance. I can’t be thankful enough for the community that we have in Christ- He does not want us to live alone. He has created us to need one another!

We really had no reason to turn down this opportunity. We are wide open on gender and race-so if an opportunity presented itself we had no reason to turn it down (especially since we had gotten our tax return!)  We gave notice that we wanted to proceed that same night.

A few days later we actually had a conference call with the girl-believe me! I was a bundle of nerves. :) She wasn’t super talkative so we tried to just introduce ourselves and not to ask her too many personal questions. It was a short call, only about 15 minutes. An hour or so later we got a call from her social worker letting us know that she said, “Yes! I’d like to work with this family!”

I had been a bit concerned that since we already had 3 children that a lot of birth mothers would turn us down. We had been warned by our attorney that this may happen. But this birth mother wasn’t bothered by that. Maybe she thinks we are crazy for wanting more :) who knows! It is rather funny, I must say as a side note, since announcing our pursuit of another adoption people have responded less with big smiles and congratulations and more with a serious look of “how many children do you want to have?!” The first time this happened I was a bit surprised because j and I have never once talked about how many in total children we’d like to have! I’ve never had a “number” in my head of the perfect amount of children. We have room. God has given us what we need to support our family plus another right now. Praise Him! There are SO many across the world and in our country who need a home. We can add on. :)

Back to the story- just like that…we were matched! Now we enter into the hard part. Waiting and trusting that God’s hand is in this. Hoping and praying that all will go smoothly.

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  1. apryl
    Jul 25, 2011

    How wonderful!! Congratulations, I hope the next few months go smoothly for your family and your upcoming addition! When we adopted our fourth and fifth, I got a LOT of funny looks. You have a great attitude, can’t wait to watch your story unfold.

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